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Bold Dolgorjav

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I paint my creations in direction of "abstract expressionism" which has been almost unknown in Mongolia and do my best to make an own individual contribution to the Mongolian Fine Art. Study on works of painters from Poland, France, USA where "abstract expressionism" has been intensively developed, participation in international exhibitions, symposiums and other undertakings greatly helped me in bringing a new outlook in Fine Art of my country. Human aspiration is unlimited; therefore, I am always in quest for new creation in order to discover myself.

 My main purpose is to bring an expressionist way of thinking based on abstract art in my artworks. In one hand it looks as if depends on nature and environment but it is an abstract  modern thinking art which aims to develop a human mindset. 


 Considering the art of innovation I noticed the society of one’s country is becoming  too concerned about a real life and material possessions. As they become attentive seeking a materialistic way of life unfortunately human sapience is left out. 


 Opposing this even we have a materialistic approach in life there’s a necessity of developing our mindset to much higher level. I think my idea is helpful to define the identity of Mongolia in the 21st century. 


 My goal would be accomplished if a viewer looks and finds familiar images, colours and forms in my painting furthermore developing thoughts by deepening his understanding. I aspire to inspire human sensibility, give a pleasure by my art and make them feel the impact of freethinking. 

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