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Sarnai Bold

Sarnai was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and lives there.

Since young age she loved creating; drawing her family and beautiful girls, making dresses for them and painting with watercolor. Her first painting was made when she was only 10 months. Sarnai’s father, Do. Bold who is also an artist wanting to calm a crying baby gave her paper with paints when she was sitting in her stroller. In her teenage years, Sarnai enjoyed writing; her passion for Russian literature and poetry was so strong.

 Inspired by art, ballet and classical music of Tchaikovsky and Bizet she went to drawing classes in high school. 

Sarnai is trained at the Institute of Fine Arts, the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in decorative art painting and Dressmaker gakuin of Sugino Fashion Institute, Tokyo, Japan in design arts.

After successfully completing her studies in 2003, she has worked as an assistant teacher at design art department of Dressmaker gakuin for two years, in Tokyo, Japan.  Then returned back to home country in 2005 and started teaching fashion design at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture working with students for five years. During that time Sarnai started a small fashion group “Mirai Mongolia” with her students in 2007. Her main idea is to inspire to achieve  and pursue a dream to Mongolian youth. 

Currently she’s an independent artist-designer and a lecturer at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. 


Art and fashion of Sarnai is inspired by Mongolian nature, its traditional art and costumes. She pays attention to reflect Mongolian traditional style into modern outlook and displays free expression of emotions and thoughts using different colors with oil paint and acrylic paints in her art. Also she’s passionate to create fashion art with different textures of materials by using varoius kinds of techniques. 

While she loves a delicate work with watercolor on paper, sometimes likes to express herself with bold and bright colors of acrylic and oil color. In making her design she loves to experiment different materials and textiles, but mostly her favorite subject is creating new materials by painting on silk and canvas. She pays attention to composition, balance and harmony of colors. 


Since 2000, Sarnai has been participating in more than 20 joint exhibitions and competitions held in Mongolia and abroad. In 2019 her work “Journey of the Self to the Self” was selected to the “Innovating Tradition-Contemporary Mongolian Art”, World Bank Group’s Visual Art Exhibition, Washington DC, USA. Besides exhibitions organized annually at the exhibition hall of the Union of Mongolian Artists, Sarnai’s works have been displayed at MN17 Art Gallery, Central Tower Art Gallery, Marshal Art Gallery, Zanabazar Fine Art Museum and National Modern Art Gallery and internationally “Asian Art-40 Years” QCC Art Gallery, New York, USA in 2014, “14 Views of Mount Fuji”, Rodin Museum, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan in 2014; 

’Mongolia of the Steppe’ 2009, Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea; 46th Japan Fashion Design Contest, Tokyo, Japan in 2008; Joint exhibition of Russian, Korean and Mongolian artists and fashion show 2008, Irkutsk, Russia; joint exhibitions at Time Gallery and Palais Porcia, Austria, in 2007; ‘Dream of Gobi’ 2004, family exhibition , Gallery Inos, Tokyo, Japan; Asian Art Now in 2002-2005 in Las Vegas, USA; ‘Spring Festival’ 2001-2005 and numbers of fashion shows and contests in Japan.


She received 8 awards from various fashion contests and exhibtions, including 35th Seiko Exhibtion in 2014, Japanese Designer’s Association prize in 2001, Asahi Newspaper Prize from 40th Japan Fashion Design Contest in 2002, Senken Newspaper Prize from 39th Japan Fashion Design Contest in 2001, WWD prize from NDC Tokyo Fresh Contest and others.

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